Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bon Appetit!

In honor of last night's ... festivities, here's a true story, I wrote long ago, of how we got together, on that cold winter day in February, 2001.

I wake up with a start, and groggily look at the clock. 6:30 AM. I only got off the Internet 3 hours earlier. But I had wanted to call Lorelei and invite her over for breakfast. Well, she'd been talking to me late on the phone, too. She won't be up yet. Still, I want to make sure the place is clean.
Summoning what little willpower I have, I slowly swing my legs off the bed and stand up. Grabbing a towel from the closet, I stumble into the bathroom, brush my teeth, let my towel and underthings drop to the floor. After relieving my bladder, I get in the shower. Cold water would be best, wake me up good. No, I don't have that much willpower, forget cold. A half hour later, with the fog in the bathroom dense enough that I'm wishing I could adjust the clipping plane, I step out and dry off. Put on a robe, start cleaning, turn on the coffee pot, let my husband sleep.
Impatience gets the better of me and I call her. It isn't yet 7:30. She answers after 3 rings, a bit sleepy sounding.
"Rise and shine. Caffeine, bacon, eggs, pancakes, you name it. My place. Bring your own appetite."
She half moans, half laughs.
"Okay, okay. It's a pleasant offer, even if you did call me at this ungodly hour. It's a Sunday, girl! Sleep in! I'll be right over...don't be mad if I crash on your sofa though."
Caffeine. Ambrosia. Food of the gods. Well, drink of the gods, unless you let it sit there too long...then it might get thick enough to be considered food. My brain keeps wandering like this until the knock came at the door which I rushed to.
She's more beautiful every time I see her. I banish that thought. I'm not free to think that. But what's she thinking?...why'd she get up from her so cherished sleep to come see me if she's not interested? Does she want me?
Soon we are laughing, my husband is up, we are having a grand time, making breakfast, listening to music. 2nd pot coffee is almost gone. Lorelei is so tactile...she puts her arm in mine while I cook and she tells me how she likes her eggs over-easy, needing to stand touching me and look at the eggs frying as she says so. I shiver. I feel eyes burning into the back of my head. I turn...he is walking away to his favorite chair, turning on the television. I finish making breakfast, bring some out to my husband, which he smiles and accepts thankfully. Lorelei and I sit on the sofa, putting our feet up on the coffee table.
"You guys ever turn up the heat in here?" she says
"Well, that's what you get for not wearing socks," I laugh.

She laughs back and puts her icy cold feet against my own. "You aren't either. Fortunately."
The eyes are back, he watches. What does he see?
The Simpson's are on husband loves it, admittedly a grand parody of american culture. We watch, we laugh. She braids my hair absently as I lean back against her. Show ends. It's what, 10am? Wow--the whole day still ahead...wonder what we'll end up doing today. I get up, collect the dishes and start running water in the sink to clean them.
My husband says "I should probably go grab some wine and other stuff to drink for later...why don't you come along, Lorelei." Alarm bells go off...something is up. But she goes, sliding her bare feet back into her boots she wore here. It's about 10 degrees outside, and windy as hell. Crazy woman.
5 minutes, the dishes are done. Wonder why he invited her.
10 minutes, I brush my teeth again, start to put on could I have forgotten to do that earlier? Trying to scare her away or something? She had makeup on...
15 minutes, they are back, with wine and other things by the looks of it. He's carrying a couple bags from the liquor store. She walks toward me. 2 hours yet before we can decently expect to drink any of that stuff, and hell I could sure use a...

...I open my eyes. She kissed me...long apparently. I lost myself in it. He was standing right there watching...he's nodding now, as if he had just confirmed what he had been thinking. I pull away...stammering.
"Jackie, shush. It's okay. I changed the sheets when I got up anyway. You girls go have fun."
Dazed, bewildered, all rational thought is gone. I'm paralyzed.
"Jackie, go. Lorelei," he nods at her and she takes me by the hand, pressing her face against my cheek, her lips next to my ear. She whispers breathily.
"Let's go. I brought my appetite."

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