Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Conservative Atheist

For the purpose of this post, "Atheist" will be defined as "Person who does not profess a belief in the divine." I tend to identify as Agnostic, but people don't get the point, and while Atheist connotes more than I prefer as well, it is functionally closer to my worldview than what most people call Agnostic.

All the world seems to be in a false dichotomy - a choice between "dumb" and "dumber," and I'm not sure which is which.

One the one hand you have the bleeding heart liberal types - the idiots who believe in spending money governments don't have and taxing the hell out of people later. These are the same morons who think that you can correct bigotry with institutionalized bigotry (see "Affirmative Action"); who push politically correct language; who are turning dating into a series of legal contracts and video to ensure that consent was had at all stages; who falsely present that every minority and woman is disadvantaged and needs protecting at all times. I find these people intolerable - even offensive. As a woman, I do not need protecting because I'm a woman. To suggest this is sexist. I'm as capable and strong as any man, and I don't need my capability for consent validated by blood alcohol content. These are also the same people who cut funding to essential government institutions like NASA, which have provided more benefit to humankind than every social program put together ever has. They treat the slightest environmental concern as if it were a looming catastrophe, and don't trust anything humans change, as if nature is somehow sacrosanct and we're not part of it and shouldn't meddle in it.

On the other hand you have the so-called "conservative" types.  These include idiots that actually are racist, sexist pricks that think women and minorities need to be put in their subservient place. They want to protect superstitious primitive beliefs about morality and family. They oppose science and knowledge because it conflicts with dogma.  They oppose some scientific progress because their imaginary invisible friend in the sky tells them that they shouldn't do that. They resist legitimate changes needed to avoid environmental problems because they don't believe we can ever really do anything detrimental to our environment that their "God" does not will to take place, anyway.

Honestly, religion needs to disappear. Then the remains of conservatism will finally be salvageable. I'm not sure there's anything that can save liberalism.

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